Central Office/District Staff

Last Updated: 1/25/2023 7:30 PM

Livingston County Schools

Central Office Staff


Super      David A. Meinschein, EdD Superintendent


Amy     Amy Ramage,CEO Director of Pupil Personnel/Title IX/Equity Coordinator/ESS


Daryl Chittenden     Darryl ChittendenAdministrative Consultant 

Kristy      Kristy Nelson,  Food Service Director & Instructional Supervisor (Elementary)       


                                      Jennifer Sullivan, District Assessment Coordinator  & Instructional Supervisor (LCMS & LCHS)                

Ashley      Ashley Rupcke, Adminstrative Secretary

Pam      Pam Ramage, Accounting Clerk / Accounts Payable

Jill     Jill Duncan, District Accounting Supervisor


Michelle Keeling, District Finance Officer

Troy Tedder, Director of Special Education / Preschool Director

Chase Martin, School Psychologist Intern

Nora      Nora Emmons, District SIS Coordinator

Andrew Sexton     Andrew Sexton, Community Relations




District Staff

BJ     Don Winters District Technology Coordinator



     Twila Coleman, District Information Technology


Jeff Paris


     Jeff Paris, Maintenance Supervisor





Dwayne Howell, Maintenance