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Registration Instructions for Current Eighth Graders

Registration Instructions for Current Eighth Graders

Eighth Grade Night 2020 

Infinite Campus Registration Instructions

Dear Students,


Currently, we are in an unprecedented time in our school system and in our country.  Because in-person registration cannot take place at this time, Livingston Central is attempting to move forward with registration by allowing all students to remotely register for classes through Infinite Campus.


As an eighth grade student, selecting courses through Infinite Campus will be a new experience; therefore, administration at L.C.H.S. is asking that you view all of the presentations regarding registration that are posted on the high school’s website before you attempt to register.  The presentations have valuable information that you will need to make the proper course selections.  Keep in mind that when you view the courses currently offered at Livingston Central, you will see all of the courses we offer.  Unfortunately, many of those classes have prerequisites and are not available to future freshmen.  With that in mind, please select courses ONLY from the following lists.

Required Core Courses-All current eighth graders must select each of the following.  These courses will account for five out of seven of your course selections.


*English 1 or English 1 Accelerated

*American Government or AP Geography

*Conceptual Progression Science 1 or Honors Earth Space Science

*Algebra 1, Honors Algebra 1, Geometry or Honors Geometry



Elective and Alternative Selections-You will need to select two courses plus two more as alternative choices for a total of four.  Courses with an * must be taken together and count as two total choices since two are for half credit.


Principles of Agriculture

Digital Literacy

Financial Literacy

Principles of Marketing

Intro. to Construction Tech.

FACS Essentials

Engineering I

*Principles of Health Science

*Medical Terminology

*Emergency Procedures

Spanish 1



Arts and Humanities

Visual Art 1




Class Officer Elections for the 2020-2021 school year will be held on August 24th, 2020. The officers to be elected for each grade level are president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and reporter.  The class officers elected will make up the members of the LCHS Student Council.  If you have any questions contact Mrs. Elrod via email,


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