STLP Manipulated Image

Title - Cloud Nine

Student - Olivia H.

School - Livingston Central High School



Manipulated Image



Cloud Nine

            Doesn’t the world have some breathtaking scenes? It is amazing when and where these scenes will take place. No matter where you go God always has a way of showing you just how amazing the world and the things that live and grow on it are. For my photo I was on the way to Disney World for spring break with my sister and parents and just so happened to see these beautiful fluffy clouds. I, of course, instantly grabbed for my phone and took a picture and I have loved the picture ever since even when it had no filter. This project has shown me how much more unimaginably beautiful you can make something get just at the touch of a few buttons. Some say that the quality of a phone is nowhere near the quality of a camera which might be true in some cases, but I think you can make just about anything unique and beautiful no matter if it is just a phone camera.

            For this project I started out with the original image, no filters or edits done previously to it. The app that I used to edit my image was called “Snapseed” and I did all the editing on that app which I downloaded on my phone. Once I imported the image to the app I began to edit it by selecting the “tools” button and it displayed about 28 different editing tools I could use. The first tool I decided to use was the HDR scope and set the Filter Strength to +50. This tool made the image pop of color and defined the shape of the clouds. After that, I chose the Glamour Glow tool, changing the Glow to +50, the Saturation to -30, and the Warmth to +60. This tool dulled the sunset a little and began to darken up the clouds a little giving it that storm cloud effect. Next, I went to the Drama tool, in this tool I made the Filter Strength to +90 and the Saturation to -40. The effect this tool had on the image is that it darkened up the dark spots on the clouds and made the lighter spots appear whiter and more three dimensional. It also gave the sunset that darkness of the smaller clouds that appear in it. The last tool I chose was the Vignette tool and made the Outer Brightness of the image -50.

            I am in love with how this image turned out after editing it. This project has inspired me to go outside and take pictures of nature and come edit them. I never realized how calming it is to edit a photo can be. This project was very educating because I had to try to learn what each tool does and how much strength you want to add or take away. I’m very glad to have had this opportunity.