STLP Haley's Original Photo





Title: The Weightless Wolf


Photography is a gift. It’s the gift of being able to capture exactly what you’re seeing at any given moment. On the morning of July 25th, 2018 I decided to take a hike next to the lake. There’s something about close up pictures of live animals that fascinates me however, I was looking for the perfect opportunity to capture an image of the sunset when I discovered a spider on the lake below me. This is when I pulled out my iPhone 7 plus and decided to take as close up of a picture as I could get! I made sure to angle my camera not over the spider but at a side angle so the shadow of my phone wouldn’t affect the picture. I then put the focus onto the center of the spider that way I could get as much detail as possible. I wanted a reflection of the trees on the water in the photo, which I got. The spider never moved as if it knew what I was doing. When I checked the photo my favorite thing that stands out most is the detail in the hair and the small indents of the spider legs. It seems as if the spider is floating on a cloud.  I later learned that this spider was the Tigrosa Georgicola which is a species of wolf spider. This is why I chose the title the ‘Weightless Wolf’.